Oh, well hello there...*cue eyebrow wiggle*

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Thread: Oh, well hello there...*cue eyebrow wiggle*

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    Oh, well hello there...*cue eyebrow wiggle*

    Iím not new here. In fact I signed up to this forum a while ago, but have been so busy rediscovering myself, as on does, and feel I need to just start over.
    Hi, my name is Veronica. I want to write novels (fiction, thriller, young-adult, historical fiction). You name it! I struggle with focusing on one story and typically bounce around as inspiration/ideas hit. Right now I am balancing three different manuscripts that could not possibly be anymore different. Iím a mom, a wife, a pig when no one is looking, and just want to escape into the secret place in the back of my mind whenever faced with the mundane tasks of reality. (I.e. the never ending dirty dishes in the sink).
    I have two battling goals within me. One: I want to write one simple story. Doesnít have to be a bestseller. Doesnít have to be awarded or recognized in any special way as long as someone was to say that they loved it. Two: I want to freaking rock this world and all its inhabitants with the ideas that keep me up at night.
    Iím a strong believer in following your dreams. Mine have always lead me back to writing so Iím looking for a community of those who share the same interests and want to support each other whether itís through critiquing or just yelling at each other to stop BS-ing and get it done.
    Now off to again explore this forum.
    Write what you feel, say what you want to say, paint that picture, and move on! Don't apologize.

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    Hello Veronica,
    I think you have come back to the right place. At WF, you
    will find knowledgable and forthright critique to help
    guide your development. Plus, it sounds like you are
    ready and willing to take advice into consideration.
    Good luck with the story and let the adventure begin.
    Welcome back.

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    Hi Veronica

    What a great introductory post. Welcome back to the forum. I too am a mother and wife (and a pig sometimes whether anyone is looking or not), and always have a constant stream of mundane chores to do, it's such a battle sometimes to feel like it's OK to write even though I haven't got them all done.

    I love that you write in a variation of genres, what are the three you are writing at the moment?

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    Welcome to the madness.

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    Hi Veronica! I love your attitude! Please make yourself at home, this time around.
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there youíll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka


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