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Thread: Dialogue for dummies

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.J. Maxx View Post
    You're going to write a bit of dialogue without writing it in proper format? Tisk tisk.

    I did that in about 2 minutes, without even thinking about it.

    And I wanted to show that even a list format without the usual tags could get the job done with a simple conversation.

    Did I succeed or not?

    P.S. It's tough to show body language and such with disembodied spirits, so tags are limited any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solus View Post
    As I've begun to learn more and more about writing, this particular part of writing, dialogue, has been on my mind.

    I can't make it work

    I've tried, god knows, but for some reason, it always feels stilted and unlike when I write of other things, the words
    don't come to me like I'm used to. I force myself to think of something but it always ends up terrible. And the
    saddest part about it is that dialogue is one of the things I enjoy most in books.

    For that reason, I have turned to this forum. If anyone would happen to know how one can get better at writing
    dialogue, or have tips on how to do so, then I would be very thankful
    The best trick I've learned so far:

    It's much easier to write dialogue for characters if you fully know their motivations (and their internal struggles, as well). Dialogue is more than just a conversation—it's usually a form verbal conflict, between characters who want different things.

    The better you know your characters and what they're trying to accomplish, the more you'll find that their dialogue will practically write itself.

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    That is... actually the best advice I've gotten so far. Thanks

    I'd like to think I'm actually a nice person in real life

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    Probably, this is more suitable for movies, but I hope you'll learn something from that

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