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    Declan disappears in the middle of making vegetables. That's a mystery to drive your reader through the rest of the book, but you don't mention how that is resolved. So I think I am missing information. Being general . . .

    The standard is to have a lot of close calls. Do you do that?

    It would be nice if she found him through persistence, or being clever, or having some special connection. If you make it just a coincidence, that doesn't give your ending a lot of meaning.

    In The Opposite of Everyone, the MC finally finds her half sister, and the ending scene is them meeting. Will her half-sister like her? Yes is the answer, but the interesting thing is how/why. And the author started setting that up at page 1. In other words, if you can think of a really interesting ending, you can them reverse-engineer your book for that ending to make sense.

    For example, if they accidentally meet, it's awkward, and they are going to separate, she can reverse that with something from the first half of your book. If the relationship originally failed because she was shy, or prejudiced, she could have learned to get beyond that. There are lots of possibilities. If he left something more solid than vegetables, she could return it.
    Thanks, Emma! Yes, you're missing a lot of information here. My character Maggie has spent a ton of time trying to find Declan, or at least who he really is and where he has gone. Initially, Declan was doing a favor for his friend, Manny, who wanted to leave the country and go to Poland on the sly. This fellow asks Declan to move into his apartment in Maggie's building and live there while he is gone. He asks Declan to introduce himself to others as "Manny," so no one knows that he has actually left town. On the night that Maggie is going up for dinner with Declan, before she arrives, the real Manny is brought home from his trip, dead from a heart attack. Manny is placed on Declan's bed, the veggies are forgotten, and Declan leaves via the back stairs. This was all part of a plan. Manny was not a well man, and knew that his days were numbered, but the trip to Poland was personal and important to him. So from the minute of finding a dead body in Declan's apartment, Maggie knows it is not her Manny! She has no luck in convincing the police that the man on the bed in not the person she knew, especially when dna comes back identifying him as Manny. At Christmas, two years later, Declan sends Maggie a Christmas card with nothing more than her apartment key inside and signed "Manny." She's even more convinced that he is alive and well and living in Ireland, but at the time has no resources to find him.

    Well, I won't go on, and as you can imagine, there is a lot more to the story, but I so appreciate you comments. I am into it today and hopefully will be inspired enough to get the job done. And yes, there will be a lot of "close calls." I will give you a sample for critique! Thanks again.
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    I feel that the end of a novel, including climax and denouement, are just as important as the beginning. The climax should be the culmination of where the plot has been going for the whole story and as such should tie up many loose ends all by itself. I try to escalate the stakes through-out the story and by the time I get to the climax it's for all the marbles. The denouement should cover many of the remaining loose ends but not all of them since you need some hooks left out there for the next book. The bottom line is that the reader must be satisfied with the ending or they're not likely to but more of your books.

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