Looking for Beta Reader for YA science-fantasy novella

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Thread: Looking for Beta Reader for YA science-fantasy novella

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    Red face Looking for Beta Reader for YA science-fantasy novella

    I'm looking for honest critique and decent feedback on a novel set on another planet. If interested in beta-reading, please PM me with your qualificiations.

    • TITLE: Genesis of Gliese
    • GENRE: YA Science-Fiction
    • WORD COUNT: 23294
    • BLURB: Raised on a futuristic planet, Rosalina discovers the true meaning of the wildlife there
    • AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Young Adult audience, lovers of science-fiction, biopunk and low-fantasy lovers
    • EXPECTATIONS: Character critiques/analysis, setting suggestions, any other spelling mistakes and/or errors
    • TIMESCALE: A year at the maximum, six months at the minimum
    • AVAILABLE FORMATS: PDF document only
    • OTHER INFORMATION: Adult themes, religious content, Christianity themes, spirtualism, references to suicide and demonic possessions (incubi and succubi), blood, sacrifices and murder references.
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    I am sure you will find a beta reader for your work, but I urge you to read the Beta Readers requirements and stickies, and provide us with the needed details:

    Happy writing
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    PM'd you.

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