Deeper Knight of the Ebb Tide

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    Deeper Knight of the Ebb Tide

    Deeper Knight of the Ebb Tide

    Glen cedes to glacier clad mountain,
    peaks weathered by the wind, dusted
    to sand cast about the desert fountain.

    From peaks to the dunes he, too, goes
    a soldier glad to serve. Minor Th’dore
    on a journey to where the wind blows.

    In a pelt of deepest colours unnamed,
    he strides across cold, bestarred skies.
    His quest, Utterance, horror untamed.

    Stride by stride, Th’dore forges paths
    ‘cross the shingle shore of Ebb Tide.

    Moor gone to mountain, paws reach,
    Th’dore, manx-tailed Dread Bear—
    a warrior on the Lost dare beseech.

    Horrors, hindrances, terrors of Dark,
    he knows their traces, victims’ eyes—
    the small slack faces, pale and stark.

    From the land of smoke and stars
    he carries the true compass point,
    the light that lures wayfarers far.

    And with that small bit of bright
    he breaks stride only at the ebbing
    of Turtle’s beloved, mercury light.

    Against Utterances dark he holds
    a kiss, Turtle Too’s golden might
    tucked within night-furred folds.

    But what use is that single light
    when faced with such darkness,
    a tide of malevolence and blight.

    Such a secret, Th’dore its keeper,
    the name of his little bit of bright,
    power kept for darks far deeper—

    Stride by stride, Th’dore forges paths
    ‘cross the shingle shore of Ebb Tide.

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    A very deep poem, ballad to me. It seems to be a sequal to your earlier one and as my knowledge of the Constellations starts and ends at the Big Dipper and Orion's Belt, it would be hard for me to offer commentary for that reason and your excellent poetic ability. I'll offer that they were flowing pieces with vivid imagery and thanks for sharing them with us.
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