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    Good Evening!

    I'll try to keep it brief and to the point:

    33, male, married. Currently living in Dover DE. Up until we moved here I'd forgotten DE existed as a state. When i'm not building models or playing video games (mostly SIMs, think Prison Architect, or Rollercoaster Tycoon) my preferred literary madness to read and write is steampunk/fantasy but I've also found a latent interest in sci-fi comedy (look up Barry J. Hutchinson's Space Team series). I've partnered with a few others writers on a mosaic novel we hope to have released by Christmas, and like everyone else; I've been working on a novel (for way to long.) I look forward to meeting fellow writers and when I've done the requisite time, sharing my own work in the hopes of soliciting some feedback.


    H.T. Manner

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    Dear Hill,
    Welcome to WF. Enjoy the journey, check out the
    various discussions, challenges, visual arts and lounge
    Please read the rules, there’s good stuff in there. Also,
    there is a thirty post requirement before posting your
    own work but they will fly by quickly. You may choose
    to become a Friend ofWF and bypass the this rule.
    Have fun.

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    Hi Hill,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm intrigued about the mosaic novel, I can't imagine working with other people on a big project, I'd drive them all nuts with my controlling nature I think. That must take a lot of patience and compromise.

    Looking forward to reading some of your work in the future.


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    Hey Tuesday! I look forward to checking out the rest of the site, thanks for the welcome. I'm especially intrigued by the Friends of WF, might have to look into that!

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    Hey Arachne, Yeah the mosaic novel was something different when we started it. I"m similar in that I know how I write so everything I read is based on that (flow, composition, etc) so it's taken some self-control to realize not everyone writes as I do. Thanks for the welcome!


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