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    There was
    No question
    About it.

    He had the right
    To be no more
    And so he wasn't.

    This isn't a poem but the last two sentences of a chapter in a story that I never completed. I have mentioned in the past that my prose is my poetry, so how does this fragment stand up to critique as poetry? There is certainly an element of regular meter about it, concise use of words and complexity in the meaning. It contains strong references to the Hamlet soliloquy and the metric structure does suggest a form of blank verse. Despite the assertion that it is unquestionable there is ambiguity within it. Did the person to whom it refers choose not to be because that was his right or was it that he no longer had the right to be and so was forced not to be? On the other hand there was no question that he wasn't any more, which may be all that the first sentence (or is it stanza?) asserts.

    If there is poetry here then is it actually as much in the act of my laying it out in this context in such a way as to raise a question about it being poetry? In fact by doing this have I made it self-referential in that its own existence as a poem is its subject? So, is poetic quality inherent simply within a sequence of words or is it holistic, an amalgamation of those words and their form of presentation within a specific context? I ask as a writer of prose who has no idea where the boundaries of poetry lie. As prose it was to my mind certainly a forceful way to end the chapter, maybe even the story itself, but whether it was the end of anything at all was itself questionable. As I never completed the story perhaps it was though.
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    sorry, didn't read the's my take-

    he had the right to be
    no more and so

    he is

    more pointed?..............Ned
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    Fundermentalist poets might question that....
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    Not blank verse, blank verse is in iambic pentameters; five iambs to a line.

    Almost anything
    Can be made to look
    As long as it is
    Written in lines.
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