What would these villains do in this situation?

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    What would these villains do in this situation?

    For my story, set in modern times, a gang of villains want to recruit a cop into their gang, hoping that the cop would be interested in being an informer for them in the police department, whom they can use for information.

    Now in order to recruit him they want to give him some sort of test to see if he can get in and see if they can trust him. He fails to pass the test and gets cold feet morally, since he had to harm another person, and takes off and runs, fearing that the gang could now likely kill him for failing the test.

    During the chase, a cop on patrol spots it and pursues. He doesn't get a look at the face of the man in the front of the chase, who is the crooked cop, and did not recognize him. But he manages to arrest one of the chasers, and the others gets away.

    Since the police cannot determine what actually happen, and the one person who was arrested and did not get away, will not talk, the police are forced to let him go for lack of evidence.

    When the crooked cop gets away in the chase, he gets a call from the gang leader saying that they have him on video attempting to harm the other person, and even though he could not go through with it, it's still an attempted crime, and the video shows that he is co-conspiring with the gang, and is therefore incriminating for him. So the gang holds the video over his head.

    The crooked cop though, does give the gang information that their man did not talk and he supplies them with more info to help them get away with their crimes. So the crooked cop is now supplying them info to keep them happy, cause they know who he is and they have collateral on him.

    However, since he got cold feet and ran, would the gang continue to hold the video over his head to keep him supplying them info when needed, or would they kill him cause they cannot trust someone who couldn't pass the test?

    What do you think?

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    IMO holding the video over the cops head is a useless gesture since it incriminates the gang as well if it were sent to an authority. I would say pursuing killing the informant is the way they'd go. Can't have lose ends laying around that could expose all of them.

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    But how does it incriminate the gang though? The gang was wearing masks in the video, since they didn't want the new recruit knowing who they all were. The cop knows the specific gang members who recruited him, who are not wearing masks when they bring him in, but they are off camera and not speaking.

    So since the gang members that are on camera are wearing masks, how does it incriminate the gang?

    Plus, what's the use of blackmail, if doesn't work and you need to kill the person instead? Doesn't blackmail work, which is why it used, or does blackmail not actually work in the real world? It's just that killing a cop or making a cop disappear is going to draw a lot of attention, from the police. So wouldn't they want to blackmail the cop instead to keep him at bay and do what they say, rather than killing him and drawing a lot of attention?

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    I missed the masks part, I suppose it really depends then on how well you know the gang's psychology as the author. If they're ruthless and effecient they could kill him off and find someone else, if they're sadistic and enjoy causing pain they could threaten more than blackmail (e.g. threats to the cops family, kidnapping, etc) in order to gain compliance.

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    Oh okay. Sorry I didn't mention the masks part. Well basically psychology wise, the gang is scared and cautious and do not want to kill him off if they absolutely don't have to, cause they fear it will draw a lot of attention with a dead police officer. At least the leader is very cautious, wear as some of the the gang members might want to kill the cop and worried that the threats, and blackmail might not be enough. So if some members think that they don't want to draw attention with a murder of a cop and that that will be worse, and some members want to, will they just all have a vote, or does the leader have final say?

    But do you think the gang wearing masks, changes a lot, blackmail wise?

    If not, I could write so that they want to kill him if that is what they feel they would have to do, it's just I have to have the cop hide out for a lot of the rest of the story from everyone else, which can complicate the plot, but if it's needed, then it's needed.

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    Wearing masks essentially makes it impossible to identify who is who so it wouldn't change it in regards to the blackmail portion since that's a form of security, unless they have discerning features otherwise (e.g. wearing a specifi color, or having specific tattoos) that would be the only way they could be identified if they're wearing masks and even then it's a group of people and not a specific group of people. In that case they could be written as being safe. I think it again comes down to the psychology of the gang, if half want to off the guy and the other half don't, that could set the tone for infighting to further develop your story with the resulting victors getting say over what happens. Based on what you've said though it sounds like you already have a basic idea down, rather than rewrite it to have the cop hide for the entirety of the story, run with what you've gone with. Essentially it sounds like you're unsure of which way to go: (and please correct me if i'm wrong, i'm not trying to sound like a know-it-all)

    Option 1: Gang kills the cop which causes police investigations (might be inconvenient but could add more depth to your story) and has to find another informant.

    Option 2: Cop continues to be blackmailed and ultimately serves the gangs purpose (what happens to the cop then?)

    So either way you go, you can add depth to your story. Just depends on your overall story arc I guess. I'm not trying to be vague but I mean ultimately it's up to you.

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    Oh okay thanks. Sorry if I was a bit too defensive, I don't mean to be, just wanted to make sure if the blackmail would work or not.

    It's more like option 2, where the cop continues to serve the gang's purpose, but there is another cop, the main character, who finds out what's going on, and he uses this situation to his advantage to form a plan to bring the gang down. But if the gang is going to kill the crooked cop and he is dead, then he might not be able to use it to his advantage unless the crooked cop hides out long enough for the rest of the plot to line up with that.

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    Ultimately it comes down to you, figure out what you want to do and run with it.

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    Okay then, thanks. Do you think that the crooked cop would be too scared to go home with threats and the possibility of being killed? Like he still has to go into work to work, and cannot hide out for his whole life, so do you think he would just take precautions and not go home every day and live somewhere else? But then again, the gang can still spot him leaving the police station when he comes and goes to work. So do you think the crooked cop would just choose to live somewhere secret then, from then on?

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    Again man, not trying to be rude here but these are questions you need to answer on your own. This is your story, not mine or anybody elses. Put some thought into it and you can piece together what you want to do. You want this to be your story, not anybody elses.


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