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Thread: Some Possible Reasons why my Writing Sucks

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    First off distinguish paragraph and sentence? Both are ways of containing a concept, the sentence is a shorter, more compact concept, let's get rid of some surplus words and strip it down to the concepts.
    I tried to write like a professional, to emulate the style of the King James Bible. I was told (it was) awkward, clunky, etc, and advised to take basic instruction in English. But in several instances (of) necessity, or desire, I (wrote) things praised as poetic.

    I put in two words (bracketed) to make it grammatical, and one to make it slightly simpler and shorter, but basically that is what you were driving at; in your words, but without the extras, notice it makes three sentences. If you wanted to mention the letter that would make a good extra sentence on the end "One of these was a letter..."
    Sorry, a misconception there I think, I was not suggesting this as the final form, the idea was to strip it down to the essential ideas, then you can better decide how you are going to express them. For example, you can decide which are the most important bits and construct things so you emphasise them. As for the language, well that is really the independent bit, where the author shows themselves. I can't see how I can tell you how to write what you want to write, only how to set yourself up to be able to see what it is more clearly, if you know the bare facts and who you want to communicate them to that should make it easier than a vague wish to write something poetic. Poetic writing doesn't simply happen, the notebooks of poets show that they often worked on things for many months, adapting and improving, sometimes for years. I'm not suggesting you spend that long, but I always find editing things is a longer process than the initial writing, juggling words about to get the right one in the right place.
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    The purpose of writing is to convey something, information, an event or a story.

    All the cadence, rhythm, rhyme, sophistication, etc will not compensate for the lack of a message.

    Start with the message. Make sure it's clear.

    Then polish it. That's when to focus on word selection, etc.

    It seems to me that your primary problem is trying to hang the wallpaper before the walls are in place.
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    I'm not the one who can give a valuable advice on essay writing. What I can say that I did read it and I liked it. When I need to write an essay I google "hints and tips on essay writing" so if you have done it on your own it is already great.

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    I would argue that you should stop trying to write a certain way, and write whatever way feels most natural to you. Don't write like the KJB, write like yourself.

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