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Thread: Writing Forums Dying?

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    Cyclical. This forum isn't dying. I saw it almost die -- this period isn't remotely similar. There's a lot of sf/fantasy because those subgenres are attractive currently, and people think them easy to write (maybe -- hard to master though). I dislike litfic, though I think writing should be held to high literary standards. Professionals and semiprofessionals are a distinct minority and most literary advice is hot garbage. I just come here during times when I'm not writing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTickle View Post
    Hi guys I've been wondering if the general fiction and poetry sections of this forum are dying out a bit. There has hardly been any posts in the past few months. Granted, I haven't posted much either but a short story I posted 5 months ago is still on the second page of general fiction. What is your guys take on the reasons for this?

    Mr Tickle, I have refrained from commenting so far as I was interested to read the views of other members. I have checked your profile and note that while you have shared a lot of your work for critique, you have not reciprocated in kind. WF is a writing community and as such it is give and take. Activity generates activity.

    ETA: Not all the forums are visible to everyone.

    So my take on this is that if we want WF to become more active we need to participate.

    I really do appreciate all the feedback guys. One of the main reasons that I carry on writing is because of this forum. It has given me the motivation and determination to carry on writing. It the sheer joy of getting a positive comment on a story is still just as amazing as it was the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guard Dog View Post
    After all, if you're actually writing, and not loafing or goofing off... ya just don't have a helluva lot of time to post here.

    Well, kind of true. But it helps me a lot to talk about ways of writing more effectively. So I come here for that, even when I am feeling productive in my writing.

    The members here always find something to say to give me ideas, sometimes when I can't even imagine how a conversation would be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EmmaSohan View Post
    Well, kind of true. But it helps me a lot to talk about ways of writing more effectively. So I come here for that, even when I am feeling productive in my writing.

    The members here always find something to say to give me ideas, sometimes when I can't even imagine how a conversation would be possible.
    I have to admit that even when I'm writing, and typing my fingers off, I keep a window open with the forum on it. But that's along with one for Dictionary.com, and a notepad file with my character notes on it... and occasionally a drafting program with a schematic of some vehicle or the other open for quick reference. ( Gotta know what deck folks are on, after all. )

    So any time I want a short break from writing, it's only a matter of shifting windows.

    As for the conversation end of it, yeah, that pretty much describes me. Talking to people generates ideas, just as their conversations between each other do.

    And I always have learned best by talking and doing, so since I'm here to learn...

    If I have any complaint about the place, it's with all those lurkers that others have mentioned. I just wish they'd get over themselves and get in here and SAY SOMETHING.

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    Forums everywhere have slowed down ever since social media exploded, but I still prefer forums. Social media is mostly just people performing for likes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TL Murphy View Post
    I saw somewhere that there are about 21,000 "members" on WF but only around 1,000 "active" members. I don't know what "active" means but perusing the boards it doesn't seem like 1,000 names (but that's totally a hunch). I just wonder what those other 20,000 lurkers are doing. Obviously some have moved on but it seems that many must be completely voyeuristic. Feels a little creepy, considering that most of us are seeking feedback. If most are reading for pleasure or inspiration, I suppose that has to be okay. One just wonders. And isn't it odd that only 5% of members are active.
    The total number of members (ie, the 21,000) is the total number of logged registrations since the forum began (in 2003).

    The total number of "active" members is the number of members who have logged in over a given period of time - once, it was the previous 365 days; I reduced it to 183 days, instantly cutting the number of "active members" in half. The percentage of active members who log in each day ranges from ~10% to 15% (ie, ~100 to 150) in the years that I've taken an interest in such things here, and that is up from the ~65 to 100 per day in earlier times.

    The other 20,000 are made up of: those who have moved on to other things, those who moved on because they didn't like some change or other, or those who were, um, encouraged to explore other life options; those who have come and gone in cycles for various periods of time; those who joined, chafed, and left before anyone noticed; and those who set up dummy accounts for spam or other less than nice reasons.

    Quote Originally Posted by clark View Post
    A curious note: often we see "213 views" on a new post in a group that has 1800 members--but with the usual coterie of only 12 poets posting. So well over a hundred people OTHER than the 'regulars' "viewed" the new poem, but choose to maintain silence. Eternal voyeurs. I don't think that's healthy. I'd rather see 50 members, with 12 active, than have bloated numbers that are meaningless. Why not simply boot 'members' after 'x' months of complete inactivity?.
    In the open sections, at least 90% of "views" are from non-members (visitors, search engine hits); in the members only sections, a large (but unknown) fraction of "views" are from posters checking in to see if anyone has posted something new, or coming back for a late edit or new thing they want to add to the discussion. Some people prefer to think that 200 people looked at their stuff, and would be crushed to know that it was only 5 (at least two of whom were moderators just checking to see if it's legit).

    One of the reasons forums don't purge the dead registrations is that when they do, they fall off the search engine listings, like from #2 or #3 on Page 1 down to Page 10. The other reason is that I tried, and the system balked, refused to cooperate.
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    As an anecdote, you may notice my join date is nearly 12 years ago yet I have a relatively small number of posts. I took about 10 years off of writing and logging in here. As Cran says, sometimes people move on to other things...though clearly I was just setting myself up for 'prodigal' status,

    I have looked at other forums and WF felt (both back in 2007 and today) like one of the more vibrant and useful communities I found. As all things do, participation will ebb and flow. A downturn in participation means relatively little over the short and even medium term. It's just part of a cycle.

    As a point of contrast, I have also belonged to another forum (cycling related) since appx 2000 or 2001. Now that is a stagnant forum; the same 15 guys (literally!) that were posting 10 years ago are still there.

    Just an example that the forum "dying" all depends on how you look at it. Maybe you can look at the numbers and draw that conclusion but for my part I feel that the community is alive and well. When I came back to writing I wasn't sure what I'd find but I've been more than happy with the feedback and interactions here. If you look at the forum as a whole there's actually a lot going on.
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    Reference post # 5

    Mr. James, I do believe you left one question off your list-

    Is this section secured so only the members can read our work and not some random bot or person on the internet?

    This is my primary reason.

    There is an internet bully with a huge following, she's very popular- I think out of fear of her. People take things back to her like when I've posted something about a certain story. I don't need this grief.
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    Internet forums, generally speaking, are slightly outdated. More specific, niche sites like all the myriad of writing subreddits and Discord servers are where the younger generation are. Personally, I would love a WF Discord. I have it on my phone and I have servers on there for all of my interests. The problem with these mediums is they are fleeting, and nothing written there is meant to last. I like that this site allows me to find random poems I wrote five years ago.

    Other than that, forums ebb and flow with activity. Members come and members go. I think one period I had a year gap between posting here when real life put me through the ringer. If you look down through all our subforums, they all have activity within the last 60 days or so, most have activity in the past week. I know of forums where certain areas go for a year without posts. :shrug:

    Besides, even if this forum was a dozen regular members enjoying writing and reading and giving feedback, it would be worth it.

    ~ J. J.
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    I was a member about a decade ago but then fell off. Like the others have said: People come and go. I was a little worried when I came back but noticed that there was still a decent amount of activity happening.

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