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Thread: Can a computer write a poem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by epimetheus View Post
    I agree it's not sentient, but it is drawing from experience - it was shown something like 500 billion words. The patterns it finds aren't programmed into it, but are contained in those billions of words.
    *in lieu of rep pt(s)*
    *contemplates who/what/when/where/how draw-from(s) become*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gumby View Post
    I think it's good for inspiration because it can and does put words together in a way that jars your brain into thinking differently and making a connection that it wouldn't normally make.


    as has been mentioned many times,
    in many ways,
    some poets/writers/authors use many different tools
    at different times
    while exploring, developing and practicing
    skillset(s), toolbox(es) and expressive form(s).

    WF poets.
    grow with us.
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