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    Yes. But it can't write a Bukowski.

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    A Poem.

    There you go, written on my computer
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    Bukowski would say, Bukowski can’t write f***ing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    A Poem.

    There you go, written on my computer

    Nice try, Olly. And my hammer built my house.

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    Little late to this party, In terms of whether or not it's considered poetry; I suppose that would be best left to the reader. translates Poetry in one of the following ways.

    • the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, orelevated thoughts.
    • literary work in metrical form; verse.
    • prose with poetic qualities.

    At no point does it mention that it has to be written by a human. So, I mean chock one win up for the our future robot overlords.
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    I don't think the rules of baseball state that a player can't be a robot either but I think it would be frowned upon if it hit a home run every time it swung the bat. Seriously, I don't think we're talking about whether robots are allowed to write poetry but whether a computer can assume those human qualities that make poetry a unique art. That is, if you believe that poetry necessarily expresses unique human qualities. I guess what you are saying is that the answer to the original question is subjective, depending on what you consider poetry. I can't argue with that. So, in that case, the answer would be yes and no.

    However, having said all that, if you've read a lot of poetry it's quite east to spot bad poetry. It's much easier than spotting good poetry. Most of the poetry on the internet is bad. And most of that is very bad. A small amount of the poetry on the internet is not bad and of that, some is probably good and a few are very good. It's in those last catagories that the recognition of good poetry and great poetry gets tricky and there is a lot of discussion about it. Of course, one may be of the opinion that there is no such thing as bad poetry, I am not one of those. And I would say that all of the computer generated poetry I've seen, while I might be able to believe that some of it is poetry, I have yet to see any that was anything other than bad poetry.
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