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    Content of non-fiction challenges

    I've been searching for a non-fiction piece I wrote in 2015 in the forerunner to Roadhouse Diner (can't recall the challenge's name).
    The content of those challenges appear to have disappeared into the ether and I can't find the piece I'm seeking (yes, I've done a keyword search).

    Are they archived anywhere on the forum and I'm missing it?

    Yes, I do back up, but this one seems to have escaped my attention. I want to carry out some edits and shoehorn it into a longer piece.

    It's not a huge deal if unavailable as it was only 650 words and I should be able to mostly re-write it. I'll probably do it better now as well.

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    Plastic Bob (and Bazz Cargo) hosted the Side Trips challenges in 2015. Yes, it looks like the NF challenges forum has been archived because it was no longer active.

    I did find in the 2015 challenges -

    Phil Istine "Eleven into Six Doesn't Go" (equal 3rd place)

    phil istine
    The Darkest Hole

    Phil Istine
    The Awakening (2nd place)

    Phil Istine
    The Prodigal Father -

    Hope that helps to narrow it down.
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    The nf and cof became too unpopular, we found that with all the different challenges avalible these two got over-looked, and some mobths it was a challenge to get both entrants and judges. So we thought it best to only have the lm challenge which seems to have boasted participation in the lm. The best person to ask would probably be pip or one of the admins they might be able to help. 🙂
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    Thanks, Cran.
    I posted that back in October. I should also have posted that I did find the piece a few days later.
    Thank you for searching.


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