I feel like a poser right now.

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Thread: I feel like a poser right now.

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    I feel like a poser right now.

    It's odd, but even though I published 2 books last month, and another this month, I don't feel like a writer right now.

    The reason being that I have not actually written anything for months.
    Tis true!

    See, forst I was in editing/publishing/book release mode for months as I prepared to release Calizona. Then when that book release was done I had to switch right back into editing/release mode for the next book.

    So for like 3 months...mebbe more...I have not actually written anything, so technically I am not a writer right now. At best, I'm a used-to-be. The last week I have either been sleeping in, or surfing social media and porn during writing hours. I'm about as much a writer as my neighbor Dave.

    I gotta get outta this rut, but I just don't feel like it.

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    I haven't illustrated for months, but I still call myself an illustrator.

    By your logic, you aren't a writer when you're eating or taking a poop, either (those are just examples, not an exhaustive list).

    If you wrote, you're a writer. I don't think the title is exclusive to active tense only.

    If you're published, you're a writer. I'd also say if you've got a sore wrist, you're probably a writer too (except maybe for the porn thing).

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    Hey, don't feel bad... Between my neighbors needing help, my computer wanting to act up, and the weather changing and leaving me a bit more useless than usual, I haven't gotten a helluva lot edited or written either.

    That's just how it goes sometimes. *shrug*

    Of course, I already know that come the dead of winter, all I'll be able to do is sit here and write/edit for 10 -12 hours at a time, so I just ain't gonna sweat it.


    P.S. You can always find yourself a nice bare spot on the restroom wall of your local watering hole and scrawl something interesting there. I mean, that counts as "published" writing, doesn't it?

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    I don't see the problem. You've published 2 books and about to get the third on the store. From my point of view, that's great.

    Just chill out until you got quality ideas.

    I haven't published any and I have no market in my own country. Not only people don't read books nowadays, but novels here are saturated with teen love, religious, or combination of both. Home-made fantasy novels are standing on discount shelf while detective and crime mystery stories are pretty much dead.

    So, really, don't feel bad. Don't feel useless. You've worked hard. You've got it made. Now just let the engine run slower a little.

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    Very little that is worthwhile is constant. You are not your job. Go out and do something nice, and when the ideas come, you will find you are a writer again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    The last week I have either been sleeping in, or surfing social media and porn during writing hours.
    Every time you open your browser to goof off, stop and tell yourself to write 500 words first (or whatever number works for you).

    Make yourself earn your "me" time. The eventual goal is to rewire your brain into viewing writing as the play activity. But first you've got to force it (back) into a habit.

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    Writing is an attitude and more. Maybe it is even the actions you take, the ambitions and desire, you strive for out of passion to do. It is of course discouraging. If you ever decide to write short stories I will critique them. Novels are ambitious undertakings. But I feel you need to spread your name by marketing it with the story editors. That way you can impress people who are publishers. We are not in it for the money. We are writing for different reasons.
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    I gotta get outta this rut, but I just don't feel like it.
    Oh for heaven's sake, Ralph. Stop it! You are a great writer and you are so much more successful than many of us. You simply can't have the ideas flow 24/7. You are not a machine . . . or James Patterson <smile>. You were running, running, running for a long time, so now you should just sit back a little and when the ideas start pouring in again you can go back to the track. Until then, enjoy life, ponder life, figure things out and before you know it, a story will start creeping its way in - and you will tell us all about it, as only you can. Have faith; I sure do - in you!
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    I have a story that says otherwise, Ralph.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moderan View Post
    I have a story that says otherwise, Ralph.

    Oh, that was just a little 3k story. I sneeze bigger than that.

    So again today I slept in (clear till 8am!!!)
    I have like 5 solid stories outlined and ready to go, I just don't feel like committing to any one of them just yet.
    It's a big deal to commit to an idea because it means being involved in that project for a year or more.
    It's not like casual sex where it's like BOOM and 30 seconds later you are done. Adopting a writing project is almost like fostering kids for a year.
    I guess Sue is right, I can take a few days off if I want.

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