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Thread: Youtube book critiques

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    Youtube book critiques

    I've found loads of good content on youtube critiquing films, animations and comics. In particular this video explores all three and i learned a lot from watching it.

    Oh; warning, the video is a little gory.

    However, it barely mentions literature. While i believe any artist can be enriched by considering other mediums of story-telling, writing is what calls me. However, when i look for similar critiques of novels, i can't find anything nearly as good.

    Is this because i am not looking in the right places - are there channels out there i have simply missed? Or is this because critiques on writing tend themselves to be written? I can imagine it would be difficult to make a video on a book critique as visually pleasing as those looking at movies or comics. And i imagine a good critique would make use of the same literary devices it is commenting upon.

    Any links to such critiques, video or written, would be very welcome.
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    Did you try typing "Book critiques and reviews" in the YouTube search bar?

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    I focus more on writing a really great story, and less on the critiquing.
    Personally I have no use for critics. They are people who have created nothing, risked nothing.
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    There's a whole community of people on YouTube who refer to themselves as BookTubers. They read, review, discuss, and promote. Search for "Book Reviews" in the YouTube search bar and you'll come across some of their videos.

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    Thanks, some of the Booktubers stuff is closer to what i want, but not quite. Maybe it's not reviews or critiques i want, but analysis?

    For instance if you watch the video in the OP from 1.24 - 2.40 it focuses on 8 seconds of the creepy twin girls scene from The Shining film. It explains the use of perspective, manipulating the uncanny valley to give the girls an inhuman aspect, the use of music at the right times to create a particular unease in the viewer.

    I have been unable to find anything quite like this for books. I just want to know what tools and tricks established authors use to create certain effects.

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    I suggest you look up Thug Notes. Crash Course literature is also pretty good.
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    Crash Course is a good, i never really studied literature at school, so this helps fill the gap.

    I also found this, at least the first 20 mins (minus intros) of which are what i was looking for:


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