1.The milkman arrives and you stare
at him with every look of happiness and
wonder in dilating aquamarine blue eyes
You fetch the milk to your mom or dad
for whoever is home, you think it’s that
time of the month where you cannot stay
still from the agony of racism and Korean

2.The 1950’s are a bore
You’re left wondering to the bone faced
milkman if you could get free milk
He says no and you shove him out the door like an
crazed schoolboy on Ritalin would do, he was
nothing more than a seawall of problems.

3.Do you think the neighbourhood needs China White milk in the first
place, the neighbourhood goes frantic, cars nuke in your ear, riots, fires
people fleeing for their lives, Apocalypse parties are held

4.You are blind to see that the milkman is dead.

5.It was all your fault, he laid there on the cul-de-sac bleeding
like a starfish, he told people he ran out of milk for your coffee
or captain crunch cereal

6.You gave him a proper funeral in his deathbed, you only think of
having cold sweet milk and honey to go with that hollow life you live

7.You killed the milkman with a door.

8.Don’t deny it