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    Do fiction authors ever submit a book proposal (before or while you are writing the manuscript) directly to traditional publishing houses?

    As a nonfiction author, I did this for my first book. But my current editor (who is a fiction author) thinks that fiction authors never do this. He thinks that fiction authors always write their manuscript, then send out inquiry letters to find a literary agent willing represent their book to traditional publishers (or else they self-publish). What say you?
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    Generally, only in the case of anthologies. There are always exceptions, though. People will toy with the sample chapters sub gambit, but then you have to put up or shut up if an agent/editor asks for a full ms.
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    Once you've got some novels published you can often get a contract (with your existing publisher) based on a proposal, which is usually the first three chapters and an outline of the rest. Before that, though? I've never heard of it.

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    Hell, most of the time you can't get them to even read your completed stuff.
    How do you get them to read your unwritten stuff?

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    Mikeyboy, same here. In fact, I have even seen notes that say not to send anything until the project is completed.
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    I'll talk to my editor...but he's an asshole so he'll prolly turn me down.


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