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I wasn't saying anything about your credentials. I just said I wanted to read your book or at least one.
*sigh* Okay, I'll break silence to answer this. Yes. Yes, you were, and now you're trying to backpedal.

I really want to read one of your novels now. not for any real reason. I am just curious to someone with so much writing advice for me... I really want to know what you have wrote and what you write about...
This is pretty clearly an attempt at derision. You're questioning my right to dispense advice, to you or anyone else. And that's fair, especially as I've questioned others. And I answered. Here's the key sentence, so that you can understand exactly what's happening:

I have professional references as an editor and story doctor
You have been Gutman'd.

Here's to plain speaking and clear understanding.
I've never told you anything except the truth, kunox. I don't dissemble, and I'll admit and own my mistakes.

You need a proofreader and then some. I'll withhold additional value judgements. Have a nice day.