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    Indies United Publishing House

    So a while back I posted something about a new group I had decided to join: Indies United Publishing House
    Since then I have actually become a full-fledged member (and their first writer aside from the founder) so I thought I'd give the forum an update on this group.

    So here is the deal with IUPH: They are not really a publisher per se. Really they are more of a consortium of writers gathered for collaborative marketing.
    Here is how it works once you are accepted*:

    1) You buy [discounted] ISBN numbers for your books.
    2) You self-publish the books just like you normally do, except you use the IUPH ISBN numbers that you purchased.
    3) You keep ALL of your revenues, IUPH gets none of your money, at all.
    4) Once a week you are required to tweet/twerk/facebook/snapchat about the group on social media (advertising the group)
    5) Once a quarter you have to review another member's book (either on Goodreads or Amazon or one of the other vendors where they sell their book.)
    6) Basically it is a group of Indie writers who all promote each other.

    So what are the ISBNs for? Have you ever had some jerkoff-wannabe post a bad review on your book, then when you researched 'em you found that they had given out bad [unwarranted] reviews to lots of other writers...but surreptitiously gave their own book 5 stars? In IUPH, if you get caught flaming other writers without cause, you can get your ISBN retired. That means your book is no longer on sale, and you have to republish it, losing all your reviews.
    The ISBNs are the safety valve to control abuse.

    IUPH actually just opened its doors Sept 20th I think it was, so they are brand new. Yet they have already picked up 5 writers as well as the founder.

    *So how do you get into IUPH? Here is the deal, if you are a proven writer (you have published works that are consistently rated 3 or 4 stars or better,) you can get right in.
    If you are a new writer, you have to submit a query & sample just like a real publishing house.
    The purpose of this is that we are trying to put together a quality publishing house so that having that logo on your books will actually mean something.
    We are trying to shed the image that self-pubs & indies are all just vanity press writers.

    There are no fees.
    You pay for nothing but the ISBNs, one for each format you publish, $25 each.
    You keep your revenues.
    You still control the entire publishing process.
    But now you have some help with the marketing.

    Yep, I'm working on convincing Lisa to upgrade the logo.
    Otherwise the group is off to a good start.

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    I forgot to mention: in addition to the new writers, IUPH is working with another group called WolfPack authors. We tweet their stuff, they tweet ours. Essentially we are increasing our market visibility by pairing up with WolfPack.
    Now not only do my 4000+ followers see my book tweets, but so so all of WolfPack's followers, and IUPH's followers...

    Marketing is hard when you are an Indie. It's nice to have other people magnifying your efforts.

    Check it out at

    Questions, anyone?

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    So, how is it working, so far? Is there a marked sales increase?
    I'm looking at putting five books out next year, as an indie/self-publisher, and possibly another five or six through the imprint I edit for. Give me something to believe in.
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    My book doesn't release until Oct 24th, and I only have 6 pre-orders thus far, so it's hard to tell just yet.
    Part of the problem is that since Indies United just started, Lisa still has to get her own twitter following up.
    But as more authors join, each bringing their own social media presence, our marketing power will be magnified.
    As of today we just added our 3rd writer (a poet).
    I'll keep you updates as it takes off.

    But if you are already Indie publishing, then IUPH can only help. I mean, you still handle the whole process yourself, push your own marketing campaign, but with IUPH you get extra exposure from the other members (and book reviews too).

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    Hey now... I like my logo, don't be mean lol

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    Hi Moderan,
    I'm the founder of Indies United. I wish I could give you some solid sales data, but we're honestly just too new to give you anything reliable at this point. We officially opened on September 12th. I can tell you we average about a 100 or so visits a day, I can say since we opened we've had over 2000 visits to the site, I can say my personal sales have gone up some since the launch, and I haven't added any additional advertising outside of what I'm doing as part of Indies United. Since I opened I've let the most of my personal advertising drop, partly to see how it affected my sales. I've only kept up the twitter rotation that goes out automatically. But until I have more authors to offer the public and a few more months to become more familiar to people, I don't have enough data to offer an answer.

    I will say, you don't have anything to lose by throwing in with us. An ISBN set for 2 ebook formats and a physical book is still less than one ISBN purchase on your own. It might even be less than your monthly advertising budget and we will be advertising and market your books for as long as they hold our ISBNs. With every increase in numbers to our authors and beta readers (we're looking for those too, have a few but more would be better) you'll get more reviews than you would on your own, with almost no effort. And having a community at your back is always a good thing.

    I won't make extravagant promises, but I can say with certainty you will be no worse off than you would be going it completely on your own.

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    I like the marketing deal they give authors. Free reviews is always a good thing for authors. Social media is too good to spread word of mouth on a book to not be used.
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    I'll hold off any commitment or judgement until I see some data. I prefer my own ISBN and imprint at this juncture, thank you.
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    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by moderan View Post
    I'll hold off any commitment or judgement until I see some data. I prefer my own ISBN and imprint at this juncture, thank you.

    A wise attitude. I'll let ya know how it goes as we take on more authors.
    Like you I was fond of having my own logo on the spine of my books.
    But if this will help me sell more books, then I'm interested in giving it a try.

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    I would sign up but I don't read fast enough to post a book review ever quarter. It sounds like a good idea though. could swear it sounds like social buzz club though. not sure though.
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