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Thread: When do you write & how do you treat that time?

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    ...two cups of coffee, I'm Hell On Keyboards.
    Man, take my coffee away and somebody might as well get a shovel and drag my stinkin' ass out to the backyard, 'cause I am done.
    Seriously, my coffee maker is the most-used appliance in my house. Other than the microwave... which is mostly used to re-heat coffee...


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    As a hobby-writer of lyrics, I write whenever something attractive pops into my head. I've written entire songs in 45 minutes at work some days, other days I might just grab a concept or even a single word to add to my repertoire of material that I can pull from later. I write songs that have to strike a careful balance between what is relevant to me personally while being ever-mindful that they must still be generic enough to be relevant to anyone else who might hear it, so it's not uncommon for me to a "chunk" of a song real quick and leave it hanging for days or weeks before something else suitable lends itself to the cause. I have a song right now that I came up with last week that has one line in each of two verses and a chorus and nothing else. So I guess you could say I write constantly, but like a sculptor with a chisel, no single breakthrough ever yields anything definitive. I also find that my ability to write depends heavily on my mood. I am depressed a lot and find it very difficult to write more somber songs when I'm feeling happy for example. Dedicated time to writing is, for me personally, incredibly stressful and the surest way to get instant writer's block.

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