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Thread: How do you market sci-fi???

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    Quote Originally Posted by moderan View Post
    Yeah...though I'm more specific and will say spec fic, or weird fic if that's what I mean (depends on what I'm selling). Or pulp adventure fiction, if I'm talking about Ralph. That's part of my book-pitch. If someone gets interested enough to ask me to explain it, I put a book in their hands via my kindle and wax enthusiastic. Works like a charm.

    But how does that translate to the categories on Amazon?
    I'm not averse to word-of-mouth marketing, but in order to reach a larger audience I need to leverage Amazon's algorithm.
    How do I reach out to geeks & nerds?

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    "Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
    Science Fiction Adventures
    Alien Invasion Science Fiction
    Genetic Engineering Science Fiction
    First Contact Science Fiction
    Cyberpunk Science Fiction
    Science Fiction
    Colonization Science Fiction
    Dystopian Fiction"

    That's the list on the sidebar. That's all there is. The influx of fantasy, as in SFF, basically promoted because 'girls don't read that science stuff', is in your way, as it is in mine. It has pushed SF, Sci-Fi, and everything similar off the shelves, and forced me to re-brand. I can't go all the way to straight horror with vampires and zombies and werewolves doing it doggy-style, since I still maintain some shreds of self-respect, but I can comfortably do cosmic and pulp horror, and ghost stories.
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    What you need is to make yourself a name. A few shorts in the Sci fi press would do it. Plaster 'Published in Weird Worlds' on the cover.
    Good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    I really love to write sci-fi, but it always sells like c-rap!
    How do you market science fiction?
    Where do you go to shamelessly self promote sci-fi books?
    Where do geeks hang out?

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