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    Whale hello there

    Greetings. I'm SkyClad a wannabe writer who, only until recently, had not an ounce of creative juice in my veins. Thankfully, a dream I had shot some back into me an I ended up writing a short supernatural story. I bounce between Sci-Fi and Supernatural as I find both interesting. Supernatural musings seem to hit me around this time of year...might be all the inside time the colder months give. Plus Halloween, I love Halloween.

    Anyway, glad to be here, nice to meet you etc etc.

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    Hello there, Skyclad! Dreams do help the muse from time to time. When we remember them. Vitamin B helps with that in case you wanna know.

    You're in good company here. Lots of writers interested in those genre live here. Check out those relavant threads and any others you find to your liking, make some comments valid to the subjects so you can get your required 10 posts in - 10 as you joined before that number went up. Once you've done that, you can post your stuff for critique too.

    So welcome aboard! Hope you have an enjoyable visit!
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    Hello Skyclad,
    Lots to see here at WF and browsing will help
    you to find the many of like mind. Glad you’re here.
    If you would like to bypass the required post rule,
    you might want to consider becoming a Friend of WF
    for a very low fee, offhand, I think it’s $3....just a

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    Many of my favorite stories started as a weird dream that I just woke up and wrote down. I used to keep a dream journal but as I get older I'm dreaming less and less.


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