Oh okay, thanks I see.

You say that the lawyer would give up the names of clients that would know the villain. Earlier in my story, the MC arrests someone that the lawyer defends and gets him off. The MC believes this client was working for the villain, hence why I originally wrote it so that the MC would hack into the lawyer's files, to see who is paying him to defend the client.

However, instead of the MC kidnapping the lawyer and coercing him to give up his client, the MC already knows the client, since he arrested him earlier. So wouldn't it make more sense for the MC to skip coercing the lawyer into talking, and go straight for the client?

However, this creates a problem for me cause I don't want this client to get killed. I need him to be alive and free from kidnapping later on in the story for how I want it to end, so I wanted the MC to avoid kidnapping him and making him talk.

The reason why the MC didn't kidnap him to make him talk originally, is that he didn't want the villain to know he was onto him, and if the guy working for the villain goes missing, the villain would get suspicious, which the MC didn't want. I could have the MC go for the guy working for the villain and make him talk and give up the villain. However, it seems to easy, like the MC wasn't willing to use his brain to find out more, and resorts to kidnapping and torture instead, instead of real investigative work. What do you think?

Also in order to build towards the ending I want, I need this guy to be free from kidnapping later on if possible. Basically for the ending I want, I need the MC to manipulate the villain to his downfall, but in order to do that, he forces this guy to place a certain phone call. But he can't place the phone call, if he has gone missing for a long amount of time, otherwise the villain on the other end of the line would think of it as suspicious, and it wouldn't work if he was kidnapped the whole time, at least I think.