Handwriting your story in cursive, but then your words and thoughts slow down

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Thread: Handwriting your story in cursive, but then your words and thoughts slow down

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    Handwriting your story in cursive, but then your words and thoughts slow down

    I decided to try a different approach in my current W.I.P where I handwrite in script instead of print. I found my print to be slow and discovered that writing in cursive often goes faster, according to some articles I've read online. Not having written in cursive since elementary school (except when I have to sign things), I found that not only was my writing slower (yet faster to connect words), but getting my thoughts out of what I want to have happen also slowed down. When writing in print, my hand got tired (I'm a righty), yet the thoughts came out more quickly. My idea was to switch up print and cursive every other time I open my notebook (I'm not using a computer for this draft right now) and try to get used to writing in script and getting my thoughts out at the same speed as when writing in print. I use pens, not pencils, by the way.
    Is altering handwriting methods a good idea? It's the same story I've been working on for nearly 3 years. So I know the story.
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    I am as you know learning written English by reading Sue's strategies. This information is a review of these books. It is written for struggling writers and is for people who have dyslexia. The good thing is that it makes it easy to understand. English grammar is complex for someone such as myself. I plan to upload the books most important information onto to my computer for personal use. I have an uncle who will scan the book for me. That way I will be able to group all the notes that I need in one place. Or I could maybe have the computer read it back for me. Unfortunately, both books are costly for my budget. You have to self-mentor yourself since the biggest issue I have with the book is the amount of time you must spend to learn the information. That is why I am scanning it.

    If you buy the books you have to take in mind it takes a good while to learn a language. I want to make the notes for my personal use.

    The more self-aware you are of the language the fewer mistakes you will make in your writing. This fact is based on research of a book for people with disabilities I own.

    By October the 15th, I hope to have the second book delivered to my house. I am being optimistic based on my experience of how my family doesn't like to spend a lot of money on my hobby (belief in what I am doing). Which will hopefully lead to the start of a career. After I learn how to write English effectively.

    Here are the books to consult provided in the link. Should you choose this way of learning. IMO, a student can learn from them. But they need to put a lot of effort, it is a teacher-centered text. That is why I am resorting to scanning these to make sure I have a summary or the essential. It is written for a general audience and for all ages.


    (I own this one, the book you also would need is listed above in the link)

    These purchases are the steps I took for improving my English on the written aspects of the language. Good luck.

    Why would I give the book 5 stars even though it takes a long time to learn all the information? Because she gives thorough explanations. It's all for all ages as I said so don't be deceived by the simplicity of the information presented in the preview. Learning a language can take years for first-time learners. This could take less than a month. But you have to self-teach yourself.
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    Okay cool. Yeah I could check those books out.

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    You're overthinking. The method of putting words on paper doesn't matter in the slightest.

    "From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." - Groucho Marx

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    Here is some of the content I typed from the book. Due to copyright issues you know I can't post too much of it. Make sure to scan everything if you find it to be too much to digest at once, which I plan on doing to learn it. Since the English language is complex and has lots of rules. You probably won't learn the information from this book until you study it by making notes.

    5 Types of noun functions.
    1) Subject 2) direct object 3) indirect object 4) object of preposition 5) predicative nominative.

    Performs the action.
    The robot walks.
    (what walks)
    The robot walks.
    2) Direct object receives the action of the verb. The robot carried the lunch.
    The robot carried lunch.
    (what was carried)
    3)indirect object: precedes the direct object and identifies the person to whom or for whom the action is done.
    The robot brought the boss lunch.
    4) Predicative nominative:
    Like an equation, the predicative nominative is equal to value to the subject by one or more linking verbs.
    Linking verbs, known as verbs “To Be” are the same as helping verbs. They are listed on 2-6.
    Susan will be the author.
    The author will be susan.
    A robot is the invention.
    The invention is a robot.
    Strategy: find the verb
    Ask: who or what is doing the action?
    Usually the subject precedes the verb.

    Examples: Jill kissed John.
    Who is the subject?
    Jill: she committed the action.
    The ball broke the window.
    What is the subject:
    Ball it committed the action.
    Strategy to find the noun.
    A, an, the are known as articles.
    These 3 words often precede a noun.
    Sometimes, an adjective or two will stand between the adjective and its noun.
    The turkey looks cooked.
    The stuffed turkey looks cooked.
    The delicious-looking, aromatic turkey looks cooked.
    The first noun may not be the noun subject!
    In the future, astronauts from earth will build a research center on mars.
    Strategy: who will build the research center?
    Astronauts is the noun subject.
    Noun direct object: receives the action of the verb.
    Find the verb.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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    I hand wrote quite a few chapters of my current WIP. Let me tell you, regardless of whether or not it was cursive or not it was a HUGE pain to transcribe into the computer. Even worse was using a speech-to-text program from Google that botched it so badly I spent months finding every issue and correcting it. Another pain was when I tried to make the corrections, I couldn't make out my own handwriting and had to use context clues to figure it out. Vowed I'd never write a novel by hand again. Outline, research, take notes sure, but write chapters of the novel...never again.
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    I write all my stories and articles by hand. I'm a slow typist so hand writing lets me get the ideas out. And I write legibly so I can read it when transcribing to print.
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