September Challenge: "Whispering"

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Thread: September Challenge: "Whispering"

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    September Challenge: "Whispering"


    The prompt for this month's challenge, as chosen by jenthepen is: Whispering

    You are free to interpret the prompt in any way you wish, though of course, site rules apply. If you are unsure of the challenge rules please read the 'stickies' at the top of the board. Please note that all entries are eligible to receive critique in the voting thread.

    The inclusion of explanatory text or links of any kind within an entrant's challenge entry is prohibited and will be immediately removed upon discovery. As always, only one entry per member is permitted.

    As previously announced, anonymous entries have been abolished, therefore, entrants must post their own entries in this thread, or if you desire to protect first rights, please post your entry in the secure thread, and then post a link to it here in the public thread. Failure to do so runs the risk of your entry being disqualified, so if you require assistance with the task, please PM me, and I will gladly assist you.

    If your entry contains strong language or mature content, please include a disclaimer in your title.

    Kindly make sure your entry is properly formatted and error free before you submit. You have a TEN MINUTE GRACE PERIOD to edit your piece, but anything edited after that will likely see your entry excluded from the challenge.

    Do not post comments in this thread. Any discussion related to the challenge can take place in the Bards' Bistro.

    Everyone may now use the "Like" function whenever they so choose.

    This challenge will close on the 15th of September at 7pm EST.

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    Whispers in the night

    Breath is pale beneath the moon,
    blood is warm as afternoon.
    Colours blend in salt-sea eyes,
    storm clouds halt in silent skies.
    The rain is heavy but never falls,
    the voice is loud but never calls.
    Dreams are vivid but all forgotten,
    bright like stars but ill-begotten,
    fountains behind a darkened glass.
    Memories are kindled, but swiftly pass
    like whispers spoken in the night,
    like promises with the morning light.
    Two faces at the upper window
    behold the moors now draped in shadow.
    Her breath is pale beneath the moon,
    his blood is warm as afternoon.

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    I find that my lack of knowledge can sometimes be an asset in that I'm forced to try new things because I don't have any other options.

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    Whispers in a Bolgia

    I hear the loving whispers
    Across time and space
    Before your apparition and his appears,
    in front of my face.
    Fresh from memories past
    This is torture, until I see your locket
    Searching still
    They play their game.
    Your warmth I feel.
    Her cold I dread.
    If holding you again could stop
    the guitar chords in my head.
    One staircase left to climb,
    The half frozen beast
    never lets me ascend.
    The jailers found our cheating hearts.
    "Illegitimi non carborundum " Vinegar' Joe Stilwell

    "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr.

    What you learn in life is important, those you help learn, are more important.

    "They can because they think they can."

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools will speak to say something." Plato

    "The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible."
    ​ Mark Twain

    "To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States." George W. Bush

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    Deb (Mature Content)

    She slides into her seat
    as they gather 'round the dinner table
    present but not there
    and no one notices
    her chair
    which has left the hardwood
    and hovers in thin air

    Her blank eyes stare.

    Serving bowls are passed
    but take no break
    at her place
    as the sharing
    of their mundane day
    keeps attention away
    from stained table lace
    sullied by a nail
    ripped from its base.

    Her orbs are swallowed by black.

    Dad asks for more peas
    as she screams curses in Chinese
    silencing southern drawls mid-syllable.

    Finally quiet
    and intent on her face
    they don't see
    the gravity resistant vase
    soon to shatter grandma's skull
    or the pistol poised in her bloody claw

    so they don't quite understand
    when her unpolished pointer
    becomes a piston
    and the room is redecorated in red.

    Giggling with intent,
    she creates a mural
    in heart-pumped paint
    while anticipating
    tonight’s special date

    with the extended family

    for which she has packed
    a bag of great goodies
    just as fatal
    as that little ol’ gat.

    Finding stairs too much a chore,
    she rockets through the ceiling
    into her room
    and through scalp waterfall
    spies her favored Parker brothers game

    always played with a friend
    who won't share his name

    and slides it into
    her seam-strained pack.

    For near three weeks
    buddy boy’s incessant whispering
    has been adamant
    that her talked about coming out
    won’t make ‘em scream and shout
    sans her bad luck charm

    that healed pentagram
    carved into her arm
    needs its pushy playmate
    to facilitate harm.

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    Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.
    — Robert G. Allen

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    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    From The Deep

    seashell, with salty smell
    of sailing ships and whalers
    tied against the pier
    pressed around my ear

    and tho' intently listening
    I can only hear
    the whispering
    of drowned sailors

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    Black Silk White Dawn

    I dreamed you came to me
    though you've been gone for years
    you held me close through the night
    and dried my black silk tears

    Grief like deep dark water
    brought you back to me
    in my world of black silk sorrow
    you kept me company

    In my dark dream bed
    you gently removed my chains
    painful black silk memories
    burned away in white flames

    Ashes soft as a lover's whisper
    caressed my cold skin
    and I was beautifully changed
    by the black silk wind

    Drifting on my dream ocean
    suspended above the earth
    on a gentle black silk tide
    I watched the sun give birth

    There on the horizon
    a glimmer of pale light
    black silk faded to white dawn
    and burned away the night

    You left me in the morning
    but you helped me through the night
    black silk sorrow turned to mist
    in the peaceful white dawn light

    She lost herself in the trees,
    among the ever-changing leaves.
    She wept beneath the wild sky
    as stars told stories of ancient times.
    The flowers grew toward her light,
    the river called her name at night.
    She could not live an ordinary life,
    with the mysteries of the universe
    hidden in her eyes....
    Author: Christy Ann Martine

    Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    love leaves a memory no one can steal....
    Author unknown.

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    Did you whisper your dream to the night
    told your heart someone’s smile could shine
    explode outward warming frozen feelings
    locked in a spasm

    A whispered dream, comfort
    enveloping beyond it’s reach
    inviting, welcoming
    soothing minds disconnected adrift in non-space

    A smile quieting the dread
    saved with a whisper
    freed and relieved of the grimace
    one eternal moment in the universe
    exhale thank you

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