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Thread: Candid Article about Book Advances earned by a Traditionally-Published Author

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    Well it's been probably 10 years since I've had anyone harshly critiqued anything I've written when it comes to how I write vs what. Last time would have been my sophomore year of college and I hadn't thought about English, grammar, or even writing in general since then. Anything I've written after that point was research studies, journals clubs, and the like. Things based in facts and no creativity or imagination. I cry(metaphorically) thinking about all the missed opportunities and time I've wasted now that I have so many ideas to write down. So taking any harsh critique from anyone more knowledgeable than myself is definitely welcome hence why I'm here. If I wanted praise I'm sure I could find that elsewhere on the internet. If I thought my writing was perfect, I wouldn't be here looking for help with it. Plus, in my profession, if I didn't have a thick skin I'd have been fired a long time ago so I have no issues with that whatsoever.

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    I'll chip in to say I've never had what I'd consider a harsh critique from any professional in publishing, and that includes agents/editors who didn't want to work with me (on a given project). I've read way worse (with much less validity) on writing forums.

    If an agent or editor cares enough about your project to have agreed to work on it, it's because they see its value. They already think it's pretty good and are just helping to fine tune it into something better. I've had editors suggest some significant revisions (introduction or deletion of a subplot, etc.) but they've always made their comments in respectful, supportive ways.

    The aspect of publishing that requires thick skin, in my experience, is the rejection, not the editing. Sending your work out into the void and getting form rejections or nothing at all in return? That can be tough. But once the work is accepted, everyone is likely to be really supportive. You've made it past the tryouts and you're on the team. They want you to do well.

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    Reviews can be painful, but those usually make you write harder the next time.

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