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I like to believe a writer is one who actually writes their stories and publishes them. A person who fantasizes about becoming a writer but never actually does any of the work required, is nothing more than a day dreamer. I also think those who wants others to write their works for them, aren't writers. They're just lazy and want to mooch off profits (or whatever motive they may have.)

Writing is more than just putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Its about writing something you personally enjoy or are intrigued about and want others to read about those ideas. Its about putting in countless days and nights into your work. Fixing that damned plot hole, tweaking the development on that one character or thesis, elaborating and clarifying facts or ideas ,and writing (or rewriting countless times) that one chapter/page/paragraph (or even several) until its just right. And when you're finally done with all the labor and edits, and finally publish the piece, then and only then can you be considered a writer. Though that's just my own opinion.

There is a difference between a writer and an enthusiast.