What music inspires you for creating?

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    What music inspires you for creating?

    Composers prefer working in silence though they can be inspired by a picture or a book. However, their masterpieces may afterwards inhale a new creation into a painter or writer. Whose work make you discover new horizons for your future work?

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    Almost anything without words, although some lyrics have inspired me.
    It has to be on a low volume.

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    Anything. Everything. Loud as I can get it.

    I've often remarked that the only time in my life I've ever been calm, collected, and confident is when there's music playing. I make playlists for projects, scenes, even specific characters. Whatever reflects the mood, tone, theme. Whatever shuts out the rest of the world and lets me be, in my head.

    And I'm super eclectic. I don't care if it's hip-hop, country, rock, filk, funk, electronica, gospel or jazz. Something about music just puts everything in order.

    As you can tell, I'm really passionate about music. Too bad I have zero talent.

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    Music is fine if Iím arranging something (like formatting or setting up documents), searching online and setting bookmarks, or brainstorming. But I need silence when Iím actually writing so that I can hear my voice. The type of music doesnít matter*, but if I find myself conducting or playing air guitar, then I know I have to tone it down.

    * I prefer jazz and all kinds of pop (rock, soul, whatever). Right now Iím going through an Indonesian R&B phase.
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    I can write for hours listening to mid period tangerine dream (Live Miles and Poland). No words , no drums, they just jam. I write and suddenly the album is over.
    Lately I've been listening to American jam bands like Tauk and Disco Biscuits (instrumental work only).
    When I was younger and in college I'd find the noisiest bar I could find that had tables in the back and that was where I could study best. Libraries tiny sounds are distracting, but a wall of noise? That works best for me.
    Stay well
    And write something, dammit!

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    When I am outlining scenes, I play no music. The silence causes boredom which activates my imagination so I can talk thru scenes. (yes, I prolly look like a nut job when I do it)

    But when I am writing, I find that music I am extremely familiar with, like I would notice a single missing note kind of familiar, acts like a metronome and helps me keep pace. Like Don, I listen to a wide variety of music. Some days I will listen to nothing but Billie Holliday or Nina Simone.
    It is never not a good time to listen to some Billie Holliday.
    But new music (new to me anyhow) distracts me because it pulls away part of my attention as I enjoy it.
    It has to be music I know well.

    Editing: No music. I have to be able to hear the words aloud in my head. Actually, you're supposed to read your story aloud, according to experts who sell more books than I...but reading aloud is really slow to me so I do it in my head.

    Formatting, layout, and all that secretarial work, I listen to anything from rock to country to blues to classical to Frank Sinatra or UB40... My collection is about 100gb.

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    I don't listen to music at all when I'm writing. Sometimes I'll play those ambient sound tracks, like "rainy cafe" or whatever, but rarely.

    But I do get ideas from song lyrics, for sure. I wrote an entire book inspired by 38 Years Old (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vaz8mi_g4E) - not the plot, but the theme. I've been inspired by Springsteen (too many tracks to count) and others. Again, just themes or emotions, not plots, but... definitely inspiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otto Gramm View Post
    Composers prefer working in silence though they can be inspired by a picture or a book. However, their masterpieces may afterwards inhale a new creation into a painter or writer. Whose work make you discover new horizons for your future work?
    Mostly instrumental pieces, but sometimes (when writing a romance story) I'll hear a love song that gives me an instant idea.

    Music is awesome in more ways than one.

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