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Thread: Hi! I'm Otto

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    Red face Hi! I'm Otto

    So far starting my exploring of this site. I write in Sci-fi and fantasy. Hope to find some good clues in here.

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    Sci-Fi rules!
    Are you looking to publish?

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    But I also would like to post a fragment here and to see people's opinion. Is the public active and fair here?

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    Welcome Otto. Once you have made 30 valid posts you will have access to the private workshops which are not visible to search engines and new members. If you don't want to make 30 posts before sharing your work, you have the option of becoming a FoWF (Friend of WF). Full details <here> And in answer to your question, yes, we are active and fair. However, in order for any workshop to be successful you must also be prepared to offer critique in order to receive.
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    Thank you for a good advice. I agree that's fair. Anyway it will be useful to wander here.

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    Smile Hello again! I'm Otto Gramm.

    What people really likes here and how (in big volumes or small stories or reading by chapter or they love links to blogs). Is there any word limit? What's the most convenient way to represent one’s work in public? And is it fine to attach illustrations?
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    How realistic or unimaginable the sci-fi or fantasy can be? How do the readers like get started? Plunging deep into unknown from the first lines or pushing off from something more common and familiar? Can the work scare away by its beyond-realistic line or get boring with something quite known at the beginning?

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    Hello Otto and first let me say welcome to wf, you write sci-fi and fantasy that's awesome, maybe you will like to check out the prose forums if you haven't already, I'm sure you'll find plenty in there to have a read through. What type of fantasy do you write and read?
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    Dear Otto,
    I see you have a curious mind. I recommend looking
    around and getting familiar then begin reading some
    other peoples work and the comments for that piece.
    I know you’re in a hurry but try to take your time...
    there’s alot here. Plus word games and discussions.
    There, you might find some ansewers.

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