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    Aw! Passionate is even better for me! Though my style might be a little specific for I'm not good in action writing or fighting scenes inventing. My work is... what it is. I'm not really responsible for what my characters were doing. I fell more like a listener for their stories and retailing them. Sometimes the scene would not go any further if I picked a wrong music for some of my folks.
    But I've made quite a big story that is faaaaar from its ending.
    I hope you'll like it.
    P.S. I also made illustrations

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    Ha-ha! I understand you so well!
    That's the good thing of being a writer. You can take any person and place him or her in a totally new environment, create your own world around. I used to write funny comics and my friends asked me to do the same thing - to put them into the story which was actually about my school where I put a lot of famous characters like Rambo or Xena or even Luke Skywaker to defeat my history teacher who was almighty, immortal and very cruel. Our company still shares some time together flapping once again those old pages and laughing all night long.

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