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Thread: Which cover do you like best ?

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    I choose B... Its like an alien "Oscar " ( movie industry reference) award sitting swami-style, which makes him look less threatening. C looks generic/less specific. I mean, it's just like...an outline of an image. Yeah, I like golden-boy got the whole world inside him in his heart, his belly. I might use a different font. It's plain. Maybe that's a good thing. The cursive of 'C' is less readable at a fast, on the shelf, shopper-scan. I suppose if you're looking for the book already, that would not matter.

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    I prefer C—I really like that hand-drawn globe. But I don’t like the first “Change”—the font looks kinda weak.
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    I like C. It's more contemporary and less like the archetypical self help cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kkrazychic View Post
    Hi. I'm self-publishing and I could use some feedback regarding cover ideas. I appreciate the help.
    Edit: Which cover, A, B, or C, would you most likely pick up and read? Which one do you think is best based on only knowing what the cover shows? Sorry for the unclear question.

    Edit 2: Providing new links. Didn't know the images couldn't be seen: https://imgur.com/gallery/feSGdYV An administrator, PiP, also included the covers in a reply below. Thanks!

    Oddly, I liked the 3rd cover, C.
    My only comment would be setting better contrast on the first word in the title. You lose the start & end of the word against the background, and it prolly gets harder to see when you thumbnail it.

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    It really depends on two things, to my mind. Appropriateness for the subject matter and the sensibilities of the author. Of those, Appropriateness seems to be more important., though I naturally gravitate toward something that looks like "fun", it may not be what you need. That said: The first two look like variations on a theme and seem somewhat conservative. That may be what you want. The third looks a bit more fun, but it may be less appropriate for the subject matter and target audience. Hope this helped...

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