Are We Nuts? A Modern Fable by Gisela Hausmann

Publisher: Educ-Easy Books
Published: July 4, 2018
Print Length: 132 pages (eFile size: 3311KB)
Language: English
ISBN 978-1-7324211-0-3 (ebook)

Review by: L. G. Cullens on Aug. 3, 2018

I picked this book up to see if it was appropriate to gift my preteen grandson, and got caught up in the story. Yes, it might be considered YA, but I see it entertaining younger and older readers as well. Heck, having read extensively for three-quarters of a century, I liked it.

It’s fast, easy reading, with a well organized, leading plot to keep the reader involved — the author’s writing skills making for a pleasurable experience.

If you enjoyed Watership Down by Richard Adams, and see a lighter bit of current underhandedness thrown in as a plus, you can’t help but to enjoy this book.

The fictive premise of the story is a squirrel nation, the Sciurus States, that develops after humankind pretty much did themselves in. Creature’s natures being not unlike our own, the squirrel nation reaches a stage of development that mirrors humanity teetering on the brink. There are functional differences of course, like deer being used as shipping transport, but some human gadgets were left that the squirrels learned to make use of. Mimicking human advancement has its hazards though, with pistachio gold nugget worshipers afoot. Are these clever creatures able to work out their problems before their nation succumbs in turn?

To my mind, this is a must read for youth, and might even help some of us older folks.

A snippet as an example of the story telling.

[Pondering a quandary relative to the Tribe Council’s activities, Great-Grandpa, a direct descendent of President Theo Roosquirrel, has climbed midway up the Big Oak for a better look at the goings on in Nuttington.]

“Whoa! Great-Grandpa squinted his eyes. Down below he saw council squirrel Dick Hushsquirrel crossing the plaza, walking and talking with Steve Lobbynut. Steve Lobbynut, that greasynut!

In Great-Grandpa’s opinion Steve Lobbynut was not to be trusted. A few years ago, a reliable source had told him that Steve Lobbynut was involved in getting The Council to fund Nuttington Bowl while at the same time cutting the schools’ elementary scrolls exchange program.

Maybe Lobbynut was trying to cut another deal?

And, Dick Hushsquirrel? Aside from his involvement with whatever was going on at the Smartbox center, council squirrel Dick Hushsquirrel was also pushing the idea that the tribes’ benefits, free Nuttateria food and basic education, should be cut back. Hushsquirrel did not want the Nuttateria to be open all day, as it had always been.

And, here he was, ingratiating himself to Steve Lobbynut, which seemed to suggest that Lobbynut and Hushsquirrel were working on some kind of deal.”

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