Mountain Dew is Running a Poll to Name this Poem

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    Mountain Dew is Running a Poll to Name this Poem

    In the land of archived history and net trends long dead,
    just passed broken links from the past and depths of the dark web,
    lies a world of niche forums and abandoned subreddits
    where you can only spend Coinye and Club Penguin credits.
    There it will be, there it'll stay, till the bitrot decay
    of the backup tapes finally lets it all melt away.

    Beware broken flash pop-ups and zips with EXEs inside.
    Take Netscape for a compass and let line rider be your guide.
    Remember, even Friendsters lie and RealPlayer's not always true.
    Be prepared to run like the SkyOS or maybe Haiku.
    There you will be, there you'll stay, till your ISP betrays
    you for your unscrupulous use of the pirate bay.

    So welcome to my kingdom, ranked fifth in Shadowmere.
    Cathedrals and bazars are abuzz in the GeoCities here.
    Stay a while and listen. I'll ask Jeeves to marquee a room.
    Ignore the alert message saying it will be deprecated soon.
    There I will be, there I'll stay, till they don't support VGA
    or Zophar's Domain is brought down by Y2K.
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    I find that my lack of knowledge can sometimes be an asset in that I'm forced to try new things because I don't have any other options.


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