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    by Dino Gonzalez

    intro: [0:00]

    Verse 1: [0:26]
    Time slows down when I'm with you
    As you move along what I'm to do dududu dudu
    I barely even see the day
    compared to you the world seems so far away
    what am I to say

    Chorus: [1:00]
    Like the sun, you brighten my day
    but you are so far away
    Like a sand castle you're welcome to stay
    but you will soon float away
    if I could capture the happiness you bring
    the change would be night and day

    Verse 2: [1:23]
    there's plenty of things I wouldn't do
    but that list gets smaller when it comes to you
    and I know, I tend to get lost in your rhythm
    but I ain't got nothing, no problems for you
    there's a little place I meditate
    at the park at the lake in the parking lot outside at my house anywhere at all

    Chorus: [2:09]

    Verse 1: [2:30]

    I'm tired of looking through myself
    watching the night sky watching no one else
    I'm sitting here hop time brings you near
    hope you stick around like you found something dear
    and by the end of our life time I hope to be on many pictures on your night stand
    and if things go as planned we're laying hand by hand

    Chorus/Outre: [3:34]

    Its like a love song about never actually going out and finding someone, and instead, you just sitting there hoping someone comes for you. I didn't record this now. I dont have a clean way to record that was done outside of my job so I cant fix the issue where I stop and forget the lyrics. All the lyrics are the same as the ones written tho. One of several songs I want to compile into a CD, this particular one is pretty much done so I figured I can see what people think here before I get all pompous.

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    I enjoyed the lyrics more than the recording. Yes, I wish I could hear something cleaner. Nice intro though.

    Also wanted to hop in on the drums with you, a nice easy 4-4 beat.


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