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    A question on publishing

    What is the best way to contact a publisher? What publishers are out there that may publish work? It's about short stories and/or novels.

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    These days very few publishers deal with unsolicited/unagented content. With few exceptions you need to have an agent first.
    I would suggest buying 2 books: A guide to query letters, and the Agents Guide.

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    Check out Duotrope. It's a paid subscription - $50/year I think - but it's hands down worth it if you're getting serious about getting your work published. You can search for literary magazines for short stories, small presses, agents, homes for your novel/novella, etc... Plus it has statistics on acceptance rates, average response times, pay specifics and all that jazz. Well worth the money in my opinion.

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    I have been researching the same thing and have been pointed towards agency’s. A good way to find a specific agent for your novel is to read the acknowledgments of books of a similar genre as quite often the agent will be in there.

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    I agree with the agent approach for most novels, unless you're writing in a niche genre. For the short stories - it's almost unheard of for a collection of shorts by an unknown author to be published in book form, so your best approach is probably to use Duotrope to find magazines, journals, etc. that might be interested in publishing them.

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    Also Duotrope has a "free" alternative: Submission Grinder. Although Submission Grinder doesn't have poetry markets. You can just search for The Submission Grinder in Google.

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    And "The writers market" has a newsletter. They send out lists of open markets, calls for submission etc. if you don't mind another email in your inbox.

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    Lots of great advice in here for when I'm ready. Definitely would recommend the agent route if considering the traditional route. From the research I've done, it's the only way to go with the major publishers especially. The idea of finding the agents in published books of the genre is quite brilliant. I think I might steal that one

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    some publishers also have a set "pitch" day for unpublished authors. Here in Australia both penguin and Allen & Unwen have such days.



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