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    Another Cloudy Day

    This is the first song I have fully written the lyrics to, and I have revised it once or twice. I can make a recording of it and post it also to give it the rhythm it probably needs.
    It's mostly comprised of 7th chords in the key of A major.

    The chord progression for the verse goes like this:
    A - F#7 - B7 - D7 - E7
    The D7 E7 is more of a quick change leading back to the A

    The rhythm for the chords is something like:
    daaa DUM, daaa DUM, daaa DUM, dum, dum

    The chorus progression is a bit more complicated but similar chords:
    D7 - E7 - A - Ab/A - F#7 - B7 - D7 - D7 - E7
    Same D7 E7 turn around at the end to lead back into the verse.

    Another Cloudy Day

    Bad lucks always followin' me
    I tread light but I'm sunk in deep
    I need the sun to come and wash over me
    Maybe I'll just see what's on tv

    And it seems to me
    Life ain't what it's cracked up to be
    Ain't nothin' new
    Just another cloudy day

    Tell my friends I guess I tried
    Thought I'd be livin' life at 25
    But I'm alone with no one by my side
    To share this wicked wild ride

    My car broke down for the third time this week
    I'm livin' week to week
    I get high, 'cause I feel low
    Can someone please find me some weed

    And the sun don't seem
    To wanna shine for anything
    Ain't nothin' new
    Just another cloudy day

    And I hate to be
    That guy that hates everything
    I'm feelin' blue
    Just another cloudy day
    Just another cloudy day
    Won't you take my blues away
    Just another cloudy day

    On a final note I really enjoy this song as the chord progression is rather uncommon and helps strengthen the (hopefully)lighthearted message, meanwhile remaining catchy.
    Whether or not my voice does it any justice isn't really up for me to decide. All I can do is work on it and hope people like it. Which they seem to so far. I play in a three-piece acoustic oldies cover band as of right now. The other two guys are way older than I am.

    My issue with my writing has been that it is too blatantly depressing. This song is me trying to lighten it up sort of.
    I can listen to songs(even happier ones) that have a downtrodden message and just wonder how they did it so well.
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    "How often already you've had to be told,
    Keep cold, young orchard. Good-bye and keep cold.

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