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    How will aI know I have 10 posts? I would like to post to have works commented/critiqued.

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    One sure fire way to know you have 10 posts, check out the creative forums, we have both poetry and prose. Look through the work posted by other members. Read what piques your interest and offer some feedback. What you thought. What you liked, what could use work, and why. Offer something first and the forum usually responds in turn. It is also a good way to get to know the forum, its functions, and its members.

    There is also a designated spot for member statistics under each member's user name along the left side of the screen. Third line from the top, labelled posts...that is how many posts you have.

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    Recently the number of posts you have to make before you become full member has been increased to 30.
    You can see how many posts you have made by looking at the left side where your avatar will be in the future. There the number of posts is displayed. Right now that is 9
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    Hi Carly and welcome to WF

    ETA: For members who have already posted their introduction (prior to the 15th July) we will honour the ten post rule and update their membership manually to 'registered user'. As for posting your work for comment/critique have you offered the same to fellow members? Please contact me when you have made 10 posts.
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    Underneath every member's Avatar or would-be Avatar is a tally of said member's activity. It'll supply you with a post count.
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    WF has now reverted back to the ten post rule - so there's no need to take your shoes and socks off!
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