ARTEMIS -- You posted "A Quick Story" over two months ago. Since then, members have responded with suggestions for improvement, and virtually everyone has encouraged you to 'keep going', to 'keep at it', 'don't be discouraged'. . .etc. No group I have met on the 'net is more supportive of young or inexperienced writers than this one. If you want to learn the craft of writing, you are in the right place.

I too have encouraged you. You're a young guy. I'm an old guy. You know a little bit about writing. I know a lot. It is my responsibility in this or any other culture to pass on what I know to you, who does not. Sounds pretty straightforward. . .and it is a process that has worked for thousands of years. Of course, it assumes
that the old guy is prepared to give, and the young guy is prepared to receive.

There is ZERO evidence that the young guy is prepared to receive. . .or do anything else. Members of this Forum have reached out to you with encouraging hands, but you have not even had the courtesy to respond. Perhaps there is some reason for your silence. Who knows? There is a great line from Shakespeare's King Lear: "Nothing will come of nothing." And that's where I am with you. I'm confident I speak for other members of this forum when I say that I am prepared to help you with your writing, but I am totally unprepared to pursue you. I'm not your mother. Step up to the plate and acknowledge the members who have cared enough to reach out to you, and indicate clearly that you are on this WRITING forum to work on your WRITING, or you will hear nothing further from me.