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    Derivative origin fits best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cinderblock View Post
    For instance, you could say Pokemon is an abbreviation of Pocket Monster.

    How would you say, "Pocket Monster is the elaboration of Pokemon."

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    Pocket Monster is the source phrase for Pokemon.
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    No really.
    It's elaboration. The opposite of an acronym is an elaboration.

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    Abbreviated- unabbreviated

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    What the hell! --"Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster."


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    Clark's post had me thinking. Perhaps it would be right to say, 'xx is long for x', or, perhaps a little better, 'xx is longhand for x'

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    Wow, I didn't know so many great words could be used to fill the blank, haha! Leave it to freakin writers! This is what I love about this place.

    Honestly, my favorite was "unabbreviation," just because it's hilarious, but "extrapolation" seems to also do the trick. I know there's some technical debate on whether it's a true antonym or what not, but people will get the idea.

    I also personally really like "longhand."

    "Elaboration" works but only when you squint at it...

    "Derivative" only works if the sentence was flipped around and said, "Pokemon is a derivative of Pocket Monster." My sentence was "Pocket Monster is the ___________ of Pokemon."

    "Source phrase" sorta, kinda works. People will "get" what you mean, more or less, but Pokemon or Pocket Monster is not really a phrase... it's more of a name. So maybe "source name"...

    Thank you all for participating. I know that it would make a lot more sense if you just said, "Pokemon is the abbreviation of Pocket Monster"...

    Reason I asked was because I started to say the sentence, "Pocket Monster is the..." and I just completely stumbled into a hole I couldn't climb out of. After an awkward pause, I had to take a mulligan and just rephrase the whole sentence, but afterward it really bothered me. I'm socially challenged, and I do this a lot, which is why I'm usually in awe of people who seem to talk like they're reading from a teleprompter.

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