Excercise your "Poetic Bones" and build a poetic bridge

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Thread: Excercise your "Poetic Bones" and build a poetic bridge

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    Excercise your "Poetic Bones" and build a poetic bridge

    This is strictly for fun, but hopefully it will also help us to exercise our poet bone.
    Have you ever heard of a Poem Generator? (google the term) They are just what they sound like, they 'generate' a poem for you. You can get some hilarious results and some interesting ones, too.

    Here is the challenge: Use a poem generator to give you three or four poems (or however many it takes) then take the lines of those poems (as many lines or as few as you wish) and arrange them in such a way to actually create a meaningful poem. You may cut a word here and there or add a word here and there to build your poem, but try not to add any more than is needed. This makes you stretch your skills, use metaphor and your ability to 'build a poetic bridge' between the lines.

    Have fun with it and remember these are not meant to be a masterpiece, just make poetic sense of it.

    Here is mine to kick it off:

    There are many bones in guilt

    Shake me,
    let my substance respond;
    bread baked with harsh pride and salt
    lay next to clocks and guilt,
    motionless affection-- lethargic daggers.

    The stars know this;
    life in its sapphire boxes,
    endless momentum,
    morbid cycles of leaf and green foam.
    Where currents meet
    amid the sound of bone,
    scratch the surface--a tale of bitter coffins.

    Rooms full of lonely mouths,
    cold fires and insatiable sadness.
    All rituals become martyrs.
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    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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    I'll come back t this when I have a bit more time. A very interesting challenege.
    "Illegitimi non carborundum " Vinegar' Joe Stilwell

    "Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr.

    What you learn in life is important, those you help learn, are more important.

    "They can because they think they can."

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools will speak to say something." Plato

    "The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible."
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    A couple of short ones:


    Sometimes a piece of the earth
    reflects like an evening star
    in my eye.

    Boney leaves and exiled lights
    at last give forth
    their tear stained polyp.

    2. (silly, I know)

    If I could shower
    the noise and the jungle away,
    the shady warmth and the trousers
    would at last give forth
    their putrid conspirator.
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka


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