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    SSL Quandary

    Okay, so we're being driven to make our websites more secure. I understand all the reasons . . . just not the cost. iPage doesn't allow third party certificates - which might be more affordable. Which is a bit of a bummer as NameCheap has more affordable options, and I have a year free for transferring over. Can't use. Ironically, there's a tute for intalling third party certificates, but when you go into SSL, the option isn't there. So . . . I may do a chat later to see what the story is from someone there. Their rates are $107 a year for a multi license option which isn't bad. And if I didn't want to sell off my publishing site, I'd be happy with that option. However, what's the point of a publishing site if I can't sell from it? Or should I just direct everyone to go purchase though Amazon and Barnes and Noble and the rest? Does that even seem professional, or am I again overthinking it. After all, most people don't buy books from the publishers directly, they get them at bookstores off and online.

    But the SSL cert for selling off your site is a whopping $299 a year! $199 at A2 and $149 for the multi option. And if that could be a lifetime option, okay; but every year?! I suppose I can write that off at tax time, but my expenses would so far outweigh profits I'm afraid of sending up red flags. And I want to get another block of ISBNs, which is the same price . . . My tiny budget is sobbing already.

    I have been thinking of moving my sites to one that's more affordable, but the thought of that just makes me want to crawl in bed, pull several blankets over me, and never get up again. I have been happy with iPage for about four years, I think. My only issue with them is their stupid billing policy of taking payment 6 to 10 days before the actual due date. These days payments don't take that long to process. And to top off the ridiculousness, they send a reminder AFTER they've taken payment a week ago, that your payment is due in five days. Except for that, and the cost of the SSL, I've been happy with them.

    Do any of you do business of your sites? What have you done for SSL?

    Now, if those darn books would only sell in the hundreds . . . . of millions, I'd be all set!

    For now, I'm going to go have a sip of wine and a cookie and go to bed . . .
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    My hosting company will sell you one for much less if you choose to host with them. Since this isn't supposed to be a spamathon I'll PM you the details.
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