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Thread: Hey Ppl.

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    Hey Ppl.

    My name is Sam. I'm a writer, I guess.

    I've written two books published on Lulu.com (three is you count a revised version), one of them religious, the other is a sort of D&D style game manual with very BotW rules.

    I'm a transgender/genderfluid author, so I have one of my books under a previous name... and I honestly don't care.

    I'm also a (crappy) artist who specializes mainly in CrayPas, and a script writer for three RpgMaker games.

    Currently, I'm working on a novel adaptation of one of my video games, Oracle of Tao. That's most of what I'll be here for, editing help. The other books were easily as I was just writing rules or instruction, but a novel is quite a bit different.
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    Hi Sam and welcome to WF. I see you've already joined some discussions and shared some creative works. Any questions please ask.
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    Iím sure youíre perspective is very unique and look forward to reading your work! Welcome!


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