• Literary Fiction
  • 109000 words

All Baldur Ajax wanted was a son to follow in his military footsteps. What he got was Kael, a charming, playboy embarrassment. When the Colonel has finally had enough he sends Kael out to a base in the middle of nowhere hoping it will set him straight, he never could have imagined the path he'd set his son on. Kael rises quickly through the ranks, gaining the respect and loyalty of his comrades. When a surprise raid sets him and his friends, Marty a battle seasoned bookworm, Frank a reluctant surly soldier, and Crash a father working to support his family, on a mission to rescue a child soldier from a band of ruthless mercenaries, can Kael survive the losses he accrues? Failures, triumphs, love, and guilt plague one young man as he struggles to save the kidnapped boy all the while fighting to save his sanity.

  • This is for ages 17 and over.
  • I would like for betas to jot down page numbers and notes on awkward phrasing or unclear concepts. A general critique of the characters at different stages in the book (first impressions, how they change, perceived relationship to Kael). Make not of the passages/exchanges you enjoyed the most and of course, if you find any typos- there should not be many.
  • It's summer so I'm hoping for some people killing time. This is a quick reading story for the most part so if I could get feedback by September I'd be happy.
  • I'm most accustomed to sending things in Word format, but I could try PDF.
  • This book contains some swearing and people dealing with depression. It is not overtly violent or sexual, but there are battle injuries.

Thank you!