Looking for RP buddies!!!

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Thread: Looking for RP buddies!!!

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    Looking for RP buddies!!!

    Hi everyone.

    I found this little corner of the writing forums website and couldn't help the smile of excitement. But when I found a silent and lifeless list of threads sitting mostly forgotten my heart ached at the loss.

    I was wondering if there was still anyone out there interested in running a rp thread with me??

    Hope to hear from you all.


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    What exactly are you looking for? Tabletop or written RP? I'm down for either, honestly
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    I don't have experience with tabletop games, as much as I wish I did. However, in terms of literate and written roleplay I can say I'm well-versed. I'm not the greatest at handling group-roleplays, but given the right incentive, I could be able to stay with one so long as it didn't get too chaotic. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in finding more people to roleplay with, but finding people who enjoy the same things that I like can be quite the challenge. However, I am willing to adjust my style for anyone, and of course, stay within the site guidelines so that everyone may have fun and enjoy the plotline. You have piqued my interest ma'am.

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    Hmmm... curiosity raises exponentially.
    What gaming platform will be used?

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    I used to do forum based RP on that other Writing Forums website, once upon a time. Its great exercise. I'd love to get involved again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkthought View Post
    I used to do forum based RP on that other Writing Forums website, once upon a time. Its great exercise. I'd love to get involved again.
    Same here, If anybody is planning on starting a writing based RP I'd be interested, been a minute since I've participated in such things.
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    It makes me sad that this subforum seems to be dead. I have a lot of experience running these things. If we could get like 5 or 6 interested parties, I'd happily cook something up.

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    I'd be interested in a forum-type RPG!
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    Hey, me too! I've no experience but could be fun
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    I'd love to get involved but (inserts shameless plug) my own RP site is struggling with the serious need for new writers.
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