debatish ff1 fan fictiion

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    debatish ff1 fan fictiion

    Not that I am ever going to write one but I always day dream of an ff1 fan fiction that includes all six four warriors of light.again not that I am writing one but I like to debate myself as how to include all six but keep the story authentic. my current solution for inclusion of the thief is he is always stalking the party from the shadows and assisting them along the way. like I said though there are four heroes of light an five more to include. so I was curious to see if anyone else can solve this enigma. I always think about how to include each but no real story. I just like debating how would I accomplish this. that's all. remmeber ff1 had... the white mage... the thief... the black mage.... the red mage.... the monk.... and the warrior...

    p.s. the warriors a hoe in because of disidia....

    p.s.s. I don't write fan fiction I just like to think up scenerios
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    I one time started a Harry Potter fan fiction story just for myself. I get that you don't want to write fan fiction, although your scenario does sound very interesting. You could stick with just imagining your fan fiction scenarios. I actually have a lot of fan fiction story ideas in my mind that I don't want to write. Just to imagine.

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    Imagine if you will changing the order of villains or the protagonists of any story to see if it is more interesting. By reversing a cliche, itīs a dragon that saves a knight in shinning armor from doom and is guarding the treasure. Itīs an excercise in generating ideas.
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