To fall in love, though classically human,
Is comic if a girl or an old man,
Pathetic if a boy or an old woman.

Love remains decent for low long? The nation
Allows each female thirty years, tacks on
Ten more for males intent on procreation.

Your decent years, you say, have lapsed? The comic
Come crowding, yet love gnaws you to the quick
As once when you were fifteen and pathetic?

Dye your hair, do you ask? Dress natty,
Swing an aggressive cane, whistle and lie?
That would indeed be to act comically.

Friend: honor your gray hairs, keep out of fashion—
Even if a foolish girl, not yet full grown,
Confronts you with a scarcely decent passion.

Author: Robert Graves

This is a fairly well known poem, but perhaps not everyone has read it. It is in old-fashioned language, and it's not about anything personal, but I like it.