I must first apologize to my reader who did indeed respond by email a while back. My bad. I was thinking I'd be getting a PM, and hadn't popped into that particular address in a while. I've replied back with more apologies, so I hope all will be well there.

I have things to fix in the story and so I will be doing another edit before sending it off into the world to seek its fortune.

Darren, I can't be upset with anyone who doesn't wish to read my stuff. No one should feel obligated ever. After all, there is a ton of stuff here I don't wish to read. I'm not into vampires, werewolves or other horror type stuff; not into erotica, and I don't often read thrillers/mysteries, fantasy or even sci fi although I like to watch sci fi shows and movies. All my stories are set in modern day - no magic or shape shifting. I don't have the patience to map out new worlds, tech, language and all that. Although, I did help a young fantasy writer with her elven world - but it was her world, so I didn't have to invent it. Just help her tweak it.

I'll admit, I named Devynn's mom and aunt with unusual names, but the spelling of Devynn, I felt, was a more feminine verson of Devon or Devin. I had originally started out with the o variation and didn't like it for her. I am guilty of loving the unusual and of dressing up names. But I get it's not for everyone. I had to show up to school a couple of times with my boys' birth certificates, back in the day, to prove to their teachers that they weren't spelling their names "wrong" and that my youngest had certainly been blessed with two middle names. Which he's pretty proud of and liked to write it all out on his papers. He still does, and he's 30 now. I did, however, save the more unusual ones for my stories . . . Thought I'd spare 'em a little bit . . .

In any event, no one needs to apologize to me for not wanting to read this or any other story. If you wish to check out a chapter first, yay! If not, hey, let's go have a cup of coffee and a donut and talk about your stuff!