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    The space for Beta Reader Requests and offers to Beta Read for others has been revamped. A new approach has been taken to try and enhance the experience for both the writers seeking Beta Readers and Readers offering to help writers. Please respect the guidelines, read the READ THIS FIRST threads and help make Beta Reading fruitful for all involved.

    The relationship between writers and Beta Readers is a precious one and the right balance needs to be maintained. Both parties need to agree how the process will work and stick to that agreement. Finding a good Beta Reader isn't automatic, so if you find that a reader's interests and yours don't marry up, thank them kindly and move on. Getting the right reader is essential for the process to work. A Splatterpunk reader isn't going to give good feedback on a Unicorn Romance. Don't expect a good writer/reader combination immediately.

    Writers requesting readers are asked to give certain information. Without that information requests will not be posted. This is to ensure that readers can ascertain whether they are willing to read the work and to understand what is expected of them. Writers do need to include a sample chapter but this will not be posted with the request. It is vital that any offered works and complete and have at least been copy-edited, and this process allows a Mentor to view the work first. Don't be offended if it is suggested you further edit the work before a request is posted; many Beta Readers will give up if the work has too many errors. Beta Readers are not copy-editors.

    There is also a Beta Reader discussion area. This is to allow discussion and sharing of Tips and Hints that improve the Beta Reader process. Please do not use this space to request Beta Readers or the post will be removed.

    Beta Reading is a valuable and proven resource for writers; the new approach should help make it more fruitful for all concerned.
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