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    Swimming to New Zealand

    Once or twice in life you find a woman
    you’d swim the ocean for. What are you doing?
    friends will ask, as you perfect your stroke,
    meantime pitying everyone outside of love.
    Your only obstacle, the blue Pacific—
    where your sun sinks, she’s dressing in the morning,
    and when the dawn comes reaching back around,
    turning up the volume in your city,
    she’s drawing blinds, removing her make-up.
    If you were Gatsby you would build a mansion
    in some cove off the Tasmanian sea
    and throw parties to lure her in. You’re not
    of course—though nothing’s impossible,
    except life without her, and so you swim.

    Author: Douglas Goetsch/Diana Goetsch

    This poem was written when the author was named Douglas Goetsch. Around 2015 he transitioned to being a woman and became Diana Goetsch. I always assumed that a man who wants to be a woman would probably be gay, thereby becoming straight after transitioning. But Goetsch was straight when he was a man, and now he's a Lesbian. He apparently loves women so much that he both wants to be one and to make love to one. But having transition, I find myself wondering if being a woman has increased or decreased his chances of finding a woman to love. I find the whole transgender thing very confusing.

    Nonetheless, I really like this poem.
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    I like this poem a lot, had never heard about the poet before.

    I can imagine the whole gender-sexuality issue can be confusing.

    Sexual preference has indeed nothing to do with the gender-issue. I for instance am gay, but not transgender. I have a few transgender friends, both men and women, and some of them are gay, but most aren't. Not before they started the transition to the other gender I mean.

    And by the way, some transgender people will do that physical transition to the other gender, but many also will not.

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    Yes, I know all about the transgender issue; I just find it strange. I'm one of those people who wants the sexes to be clearly delineated. I don't understand it on an emotional level. However, I do like much of Goetsch's poetry. She writes in a relaxed cadence which is similar to mine. God forbid she ever post a poem on this forum, however, lest someone accuse her of writing prose.

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    I like the style of writing. Do you know the poems of James Tate? I'm a big fan, from time to time I write poems where I attampt to mimic his style, but that's far from easy...


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