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Hello again!...
Thanks again!

Where were you when I was watching Star Trek growing up?
I took three courses in a community college and dropped one, so all my science is based on a semester of Algebra, an introduction to psychology (which had a surprising amount of biology), and a couple classes of history.

I still have to grapple with how they were able, while traveling at warp speed, walk from one end of the ship to the other. Wouldn't they be able to walk only sideways? Maybe they turn two dimensional to enable them to travel faster than the speed of light. Have scientists thought about that? I bet two dimensional beings can travel a lot faster. No drag. I know that two dimensional beings can take a lot more trauma than three dimensional. Take the coyote that chases the roadrunner for example.

But I digress, as most of my science after a while. Truly I base my fiction on psychology, my favorite college subject psychology. I shoot for the entertainment factor, as you can see by my two dimensional bit.

But I REALLY appreciate your explanations. I hadn't thought about it like that and you put it in layman's terms. It would have helped if you had dumbed it down just a bit more but I get more than I did.

Oh wow though, I just re-read the whole time slows and then stops and it got me wondering if that would explain how scientists that believe in The Big Bang would explain why there wasn't time before The Big Bang. If the mass that exploded was moving at the speed of light?

Again, this is a laborer's imaginings.